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Of all the health supplements that may be ingested, essential fatty acids (EFAs) are among the most beneficial and important. Without these essential fats, the heart and brain become less efficient, and a general predisposition to degenerative processes can occur.

By far the most powerful EFA, the "king of omega-3 EFAs for the brain" is DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid. It is so important for optimum brain function that in a healthy brain, fully 50% of the lipid content is in the form of DHA.

EPA is similar to DHA and is much more easily converted to DHA than the shorter omega-3 EFAs like those prevalent in flax oil. EPA increases membrane fluidity nearly to the same degree as DHA and has also shown significant benefits for neurologic function. In establishing the balance with omega-6 EFAs to reduce a tendency to excessive inflammatory hormones, EPA may be as or more important than DHA.

The EPA and DHA in our formulation is the most highly purified of any we have examined. Our formulation is rigorously quality controlled to be free of mercury and organic pollutants. Unlike other EPA/DHA capsules that cause the burping of a strong fishy odor, these capsules rarely cause this reaction, and if so, it is usually very mild in comparison.

90 Capsules

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