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General Health

Products for General Health

These products help support your overall health. By feeding your body what it needs for optimal performance, you can generally expect to improve all aspects of your health. These products help you achieve overall wellness.


One of the Essential Amino Acids, Lysine helps ensure the adequate absorption of calcium and the formation of collagen for…


MagSpectrum® provides not one but FIVE different kinds of fully-reacted amino acid chelates to provide a wide range of benefits…

Complete Aminos

Our Complete Aminos supplement provides your body with highly-absorbable, quality amino acids that build protein…


Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are among the most beneficial and important supplements you can take. Without EFAs, the heart and brain become less efficient, and a general predisposition to degenerative processes can occur.


Systema supports systemic stem cell production. ‘Systemic’ means throughout your body. With Systema, you can enjoy the benefits…


The ingredients in this product have been shown to uplift, calm, and balance the emotional state in addition to helping cope with stress.


GEM-Power is our high-energy, all-natural formula for enhancing Qi (pronounced “key” or “chee”) energy.

Gematria Products are made in the USA with care. It’s quality you can trust.

Our Customers Love Us!

10Lbs of Lean Muscle

I have personally been using Complete Aminos, Muscle Gems, SPM Mix and MSM. I’ve noticed a tremendous increase in my strength, my joints feel better during ballistic movements, I have more energy during workouts, and I’ve gained 10lbs of lean muscle.

Justin Orr

Already Notice the Benefits

I have ordered the Phyto5000 and the daily vitamin spray. I already notice the benefit from the Phyto5000; mental clarity, less body aches and a gentle comforting of my body.

N. Taylor

Have You Tried These...

Gematria has many great supplements and products. Here are a few you might not know about. Give them a try and let us know what you think. We love hearing of your success.