MayDay Global Meditation

Join Dr. Todd in the
#MayDay Global Meditation Event

Humanity Will Rise & Unite in the
World’s Largest Meditation & Prayer Event

May 21st 11:00am PDT

Los Angeles 11am | New York 2pm | London 7pm |
Tel Aviv 9pm | Delhi 11pm | Tokyo 3am

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Be Part of this Historical Event!

In this crucial moment in history, you can join over a billion people along with the world’s leading spiritual teachers and artists of our time to influence and unite the world in a global event.

Join the #LoveRevolution for #WorldMeditationDay and shift the global conversation from FEAR to LOVE.

This event includes talks and performances by:

Dr. Todd is one of the speakers during the #MayDay Global Meditation Event on May 21st.

More than 200 global, impactful organizations will participate, including:

And so much more!

Claim Your Free Gifts from Dr. Todd!

Dr. Todd will present a brief sample of a Pineal tone during this global event. His gift to you is recordings and tones (lyrics) for four Pineal Tones so that you can change your world.

Among the most powerful ways to turn off the stress response and boost the immune system is to make tones with your voice. Studies have shown a reduced cortisol stress response from the adrenals as well as the enhanced function of various aspects of the immune system simply by singing tones with your own voice.

So that you may sail through the current pandemic smoothly, we are offering a simple practice with recordings to which you can simply sing along. Four simple yet powerful tone patterns have been selected from The Lemurian Choir of 12-21-12.

We invite and encourage you to sing these tones at least once a day, ideally when you start or complete the day. It’s even better if you practice this at both times. This will create both a coherent field within your body, as well as a global field produced by all of us singing together. This alone can change the world.

As this year, 2020, celebrates the 4 – as well as clear vision – your gift includes four tone patterns.

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