Immune Support Botanicals II

Immune Support Botanicals II

Immune Support Botanical II is an herbal formula with Selenium designed to support a healthy immune system. Anyone who has heard Dr. Todd speak will be very familiar with this formula. This formula has been designed to work with our other immune support formulas – particularly AIR Multi-Immune Caps and Air Multi-Immune Spray.

Immune Support Botanicals II capsules provide profound immune-building and antioxidant effects. Its action is complementary to and works in concert with the AIR (Accelerated Immune Recovery) Spray and AIR Caps formulas to provide a comprehensive program that strengthens all aspects of immune function.

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The Immune Support Botanicals II formula provides exotic rain forest botanicals and support nutrients of exceptional potency.

Perhaps the best and broadest of these is called chanca piedra, Spanish for “stone breaker,” as this has been used traditionally to strengthen the liver and kidney with respect to stone formation. The scientific name is Phyllanthus niruri, and its properties are legion. It is known to strengthen the immune system with respect to viruses, malaria, parasites, fungi, tuberculosis and other bacteria.

Other ingredients include Curcumin, Uncaria tomentosa (Cat’s Claw), Jergon sacha (Dracontium perviuanum), Momordica charantia or Bitter Melon, organified selenium and more.

Immune Support Botanicals II

AIR Multi-Support Spray

Shake Well

6 Sprays by Mouth


Shake well before use. Take 6 sprays orally per day. This provides your body with the core nutrients that support optimal healthy immune function. Each bottle will last 1 month taken as directed.

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