Bhu Paleo Protein Bars - Double Chocolate

Bhu Paleo Protein Bars - Double Chocolate

Bhu Paleo Protein Bar – 12 count

Craving a yummy brownie but not the calories, sugars, or carbs? This one’s for you!

BHU Paleo Protein Bars are made with simple and organic ingredients! Great Gourmet Flavor for the chocolate lover: Double Dark Chocolate Chip. See the wholesome ingredients listed below along with nutritional facts.

Best of all, its Paleo! That means it’s loaded with protein-packed egg whites minus any grains, dairy, or legumes. Made with all-natural Monk fruit – AKA Lo Han Guo – to make them a really sweet deal!

Healthy pre-biotic fiber with 10 grams of fiber per bar! Great for lower carb wellness plans – with no added sugar! Try them with Brain Smarts, Dual Carnitine, and LiteBodyGems.

Sold in boxes of 12 bars – 1 flavor per box.

Flavor is Double Dark Chocolate Chip.

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Organic Sunflower Seeds, Prebiotic Fiber (From Tapioca), Egg Whites, Chocolate, Organic Palm Oil (Certified Sustainable), Organic Brownie Chunks, Organic Vanilla, Organic Chocolate Chips, Cocoa Powder, Monk Fruit, Sea Salt. (Allergen: Eggs)

ALLERGEN WARNING: Contains egg whites

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size (45g) | Servings Per Container 1 | Calories 180 | Fat Calories 100 | Total Fat (14g) 22% | Saturated Fat (4g) 20% | Cholesterol (0mg) 0% | Sodium (230mg) 10% | Potassium (300mg) 9% | Total Carb(15g) 5% | Dietary Fiber (10g) 40% | Sugar 1g | Protein 14g | Vitamin A (0% DV) | Vitamin C (0% DV) | Calcium (10% DV) | Iron (8% DV) | Phosphorus (10% DV) | Magnesium (20% DV) ALLERGEN WARNING: Contains egg whites

Unwrap. Eat. Enjoy!

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