AIR Multi-Immune Spray

AIR Multi-Immune Spray

Accelerated Immune Rebalancing (AIR) Spray is a liquid immune support formula designed to work stand-alone or with our Immune Support Botanicals II, and our AIR Multi-Immune Caps.

AIR Multi-Immune Spray contains key amino acids and cofactors that support a healthy immune system. If you have heard Dr. Todd speak in person – you have no doubt heard about this formula and its use in an immune support protocol.

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Accelerated Immune Rebalancing (AIR) Spray potently enhances the native functions of the immune system. Tested in South and East Africa under rigorous conditions the beneficial effects were remarkable.

The oral spray system effectively delivers nutrients that otherwise may have poor GI absorption. A major effector of its action is glutathione, a critically important intracellular antioxidant. It is considered one of the most powerful anti-aging, anti-tumor antioxidants ever studied; in a state of good health, it is present in high concentrations in every cell.

Glutathione delivery greatly strengthens the intrinsic defense of the immune system for viral and many other pathogens. It is also a highly active detoxifier of heavy metals and a wide range of other toxins.

Nuclein derivatives can assist in rapidly enhancing the normal structure and function of the immune system. Survival in the face of exposure to high levels of radiation has been significantly increased.

Selenium is provided in a highly bioavailable organified form. Persons who live in regions with high selenium in the soil have a high degree of immune protection and the effect of pathogens appears to be weakened. Higher intakes of selenium are also associated with increased resistance to the development of abnormal cellular proliferation.

This formula is treated with Qi (Quantum information) technology. Use of this process has been associated with enhanced bioactivity of nutrients.

Clinical pilot studies of persons using this formula together with Accelerated Immune Rebalancing Capsules and Immune Support Botanicals have shown an increase in cellular immune function of 60% or more. Persons with greater imbalances of immune function have shown improvements of 500% or more. For a basic immune support program, AIR Spray is an excellent place to begin.

The recommended use is simply 6 sprays orally per day. This provides your body with the core nutrients that support optimal healthy immune function. Each bottle will last 1 month taken as directed.

AIR Multi-Immune Spray

AIR Multi-Support Spray

Shake Well

6 Sprays by Mouth


Shake well before use. Take 6 sprays orally per day. This provides your body with the core nutrients that support optimal healthy immune function. Each bottle will last 1 month taken as directed.

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